Kimono Haori Inari

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This black kimono jacket is perfect for a formal evening! Design is inspired by Inari Kami (a mysterious Japanese god)

The kimono jacket , which has been acclaimed by many Japanese people for several hundred years, is a Japanese overcoat with colourful patterns. Light and comfortable, it was worn by geisha and samurai during the Edo period.

Whatever the season, you can wear this Japanese jacket over a T-shirt or a thin hoodie. As soon as winter arrives, all you have to do is add a coat over it.

The mask that is printed on the back of the Haori jacket refers to Inari. She is the goddess of fertility, agriculture and rice. Her messenger is a fox, also called kitsune. The latter can take on different appearances, hence the mask to symbolize its polymorphy (ability to take several forms).

  • Design : Kitsune mask
  • Japanese kimono jacket material : cotton and polyester blend
  • Jacket length : 69 cm
  • Fit : straight
  • Machine wash : 30°C


👘 To go to a party, we recommend that you wear this Japanese haori with a dress of the same length or a little longer. You can also add a wide belt to cinch your figure and mark your waist. A pair of pumps and you're ready!

👘 Give yourself a streetwear style by betting on an oversized tee, add a little hoodie and finalize your outfit with skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers. You can also opt for a banana slung over the shoulder and add a cap for a color reminder with the Japanese cardigan.

👘 For summer, we advise you to bet on a small solid color camisole, black or red for example, and wear a pair of open sandals or wedge heels. The lightness and the loose fit of the Japanese jacket will suit you perfectly!

👘 Find all our Asian jacket models in our kimono jacket for women collection. We offer a wide choice of products with patterns straight from the land of the rising sun.

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