Black Sukajan
Black Sukajan

Black Sukajan

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Put on your black sukajan jacket, worthy of the greatest bosozoku bikers

Bosozoku refers to the clans of young Japanese bikers that appeared in the 1970s and 1980s to rebel against the system. They like to customize their bikes in a unique style to distinguish themselves from other members and love to unleash their exhaust system to make maximum noise and attract attention.

This sukajan jacket represents a dragon. It is a Japanese emblem, a sign of power and strength. We also see flowers, very widely celebrated in Japanese culture. There is even an annual festival that honors their existence at the arrival of spring: the hanami.

For a festival, a sunny day or an evening out, this light and pleasant bomber jacket can be worn with everything.


  • 💯 Embroidery threads are carefully selected to bring shine to the embroidered Japanese symbols.
  • 💯 If you are looking for an emblematic pattern of the archipelago, we recommend you have a look at this sukajan bomber jacket. It symbolizes the Japanese phoenix
  • 💯 Don't wear your bomber in wet weather
  • 💯 For a sophisticated, streetwear and casual look, we suggest you wear your Japanese bomber jacket with a loose t-shirt, cap and slim jeans. Modern bosozoku effect guaranteed!


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