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Bet on this pair of Japanese tabi socks as the end of year holidays approaches!

Did you know that Japanese socks date back to the 15th century? They very quickly became essential and indispensable in traditional outfits. Whether with a classic kimono or a casual yukata, tabi socks are ideal.

This pair of socks has wagara patterns. These are Japanese prints with a geometric shape. They are a reminder of the authenticity and historical culture of Japan. These tabi socks are perfect for spending the holidays. They are warm, rising and are reminiscent of snowflakes.

Will you fall for these soft white patterned socks?

  • Material : combed cotton
  • Style : traditional wagara
  • Size : 35 to 41
tabi-tuto socks

Here are a few ideas for wearing these cotton socks:

🇯🇵 Japan and its traditions invite locals to take off their shoes. If this happens to you, consider matching socks (mismatched ones make a bad impression). This is even more true for the tea ceremony or with a Japanese kimono.

🇯🇵 Adapt the style and color of your high-top Japanese socks according to your style. If you wear traditional clothes, prefer white socks. For a streetwear look, do a color reminder with your sneakers. Looking for a cosplay costume? Add a pair of zori or geta wooden sandals.

🇯🇵 Why choose Japanese socks ? Simply because they absorb sweat and are breathable! You will enjoy maximum comfort. And what's more, they're anti-friction! All the conditions are there to prefer them.

🇯🇵 Do you want to discover more? You're quite right. Japanese tabi socks are original and very comfortable to wear. Check it out in our collection of Japanese socks. You'll even find ideas for your Christmas gifts!

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