Ring 6 Mantras
Ring 6 Mantras
Ring 6 Mantras
Ring 6 Mantras
Ring 6 Mantras

Buddha Mantra Ring

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Wear this 6 mantras ring to soak up Buddhist leitmotivs

In the Buddhist religion there are 6 mantras that refer to compassion. “ Om Mani Padme Hum” translates into generosity (om), patience (ma), perseverance (ni and pad), concentration (me) and wisdom (hum).

Opts for this 925 silver ring, made of pure silver and copper for high strength and high quality. Embellished with a red stone, it will bring you the protection of the Japanese dragon!

  • Ring Diameter : Adjustable
  • Composition : 925 silver
  • Weight : 7 g

Here are our recommendations for maintaining and showcasing your 6 mantra ring :


⛩️ You can wear your Buddhist jewellery underwater On the other hand, we strongly advise you not to approach it to household products. They will definitely deteriorate your ring


⛩️ To keep your kanji ring in time, think to clean it regularly with warm water and soap. You can then rinse and dry it with a small micro fibre towel (also used for glasses)

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⛩️ You can wear your sterling silver ring in sober colours: white and black highlight the brilliance of this precious metal!

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