Buddhist Spiritual Ring

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This Buddhist spiritual ring will plunge you into the world of Japanese folklore

Minkan denshō is the Japanese term to refer to folklore: these are all the informal traditions inspired by Shinto and Buddhism, the two religions of Japan. The kanji depicted on this sterling silver ring symbolize this state of mind.

This Japanese ring is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Made of pure silver, it does not rust. In the Buddhist religion, it even has protective virtues! Try it, we bet you'll never want to part with it again.

  • Ring Diameter : Refer to Size Guide
  • Composition : silver 999
  • Weight : 9 g

Here are our tips for maintaining the brilliance of your spiritual ring :


⛩️ Do not use chemicals when wearing your Buddhist ring , they may damage your jewellery for life. However, there is no contraindication to put it in contact with water

⛩️ We advise you to clean your Japanese ring once a month by immersing it in a container with a teaspoon of olive oil and half a cup of lemon juice for 5 minutes. Then think to rinse and dry it with a soft cloth for maximum shine

⛩️ Are you looking for Buddha 's protection? We offer you to take a look at our mantra ring : it transcribes the word of this God of inner peace

⛩️ Here are some indications to know which finger to wear your Buddhist ring : the thumb represents optimism, the index finger is the finger of authority, the middle finger means power, wearing the ring finger refers to the ring finger and the ear symbolizes emotion

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