Japanese Hannya Mask Black

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“Who wants peace, prepare for war”: put on this Japanese black Hannya mask to scare your opponents

Used by Shinobis during the Edo period clashes, the mempo mask hides half the face. Shinobis are ninja experts in espionage. They are able to sabotage, infiltrate and assassinate enemies.

Ninja masks often take the form of oni demons because, in Japanese folklore, these evil spirits are the perfect weapon to terrorize the opposing camp.

Hannya is a Japanese ghost (also called yurei ). Legend tells that her mind returned to Earth to take revenge: in another life, this woman lived a destructive love. She then turned into a demon.

The manufacture of this half-mask of war is handmade. Our craftsmen use Japanese ancestral know-how to shape this accessory to absolutely have in its Japanese panoply!

Here are our tips to help you wear this mempo mask :

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💯 Ideal for going to a festival or fancy dress party, this handmade mask will be the little plus that will make your Japanese outfit truly authentic and original. You can wear it with a samurai or shinobi ninja cosplay outfit for example!

💯 Japanese have been using masks for years. This fashion accessory has been in the dress codes of the archipelago for a long time. So you can wear this Japanese mask with jeans, a haori jacket and a pair of black, white and red sneakers: the colors of the flag...

💯 Do you like this model? You'll love this one: our mempo mask in the color of the flag is hand-painted for a stunning result.

💯 Practical info: this Hannya mask has an elastic band that will fit all head sizes and will not be too tight nor too loose!

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