Maneki Neko Colchette

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Opt for this maneki neko with a bell neck, it will bring you happiness and transform all your projects into success

Maneki Neko translates to “cat that invites"in Japanese. It is the subject of numerous legends in the Land of the Rising Sun. It is very common to find it in front of the entrances of shops, bars and restaurants. To take advantage of its lucky virtues, all you have to do is buy one!

Available in many objects (bracelet, key chain, car pendant...), it also exists in a moneybox version. The story goes that the raised left paw of the lucky cat is a welcome sign that invites passers-by to enter. The raised right leg refers to money. The bell collar is a sign of belonging to a well-to-do social class.

  • Maneki Neko in enamel and ceramic
  • Dimensions: 13 cm long
  • Package includes a Maneki Neko Money Bank
tutorial Maneki Neko

Here are some suggestions for taking advantage of this lucky money box :

💯 Like the cat that invites, we advise you to place this cute little cat in your entrance to welcome all those who will visit you.

💯 Maneki Neko is available in several colors. When this ceramic cat is white, it is recommended to orient him to the northwest to see his travel plans come to fruition.

💯 Looking for a birthday, corporate event or Christmas gift? This Maneki Neko money box is the perfect idea! It will delight fans of Japanese decoration.

💯 Want to discover other reincarnations of this Japanese kitten ? We recommend that you take a look at our Maneki Neko collection. All you have to do is let luck work...

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