Maneki Neko Ceramic Money Box

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Maneki Neko ceramic money box carrying a bag of gold.

This cat money box is perfect for storing your precious loose change. Know that the cat Maneki Neko is above all a symbol of luck in the Land of the Rising Sun. The raised left paw is an invitation from the white cat to enter a store, a store, or a business.

Some Japanese even have them in their homes because it is also a sign of good fortune and success. A Maneki Neko statuette is a great gift to give to a friend who is a fan of the Japanese universe or to initiate someone who would like to know more about Japanese folklore!

This Maneki Neko figure has fans on its stomach. This Japanese accessory is a sign of prosperity! There are kanji too! The cat wears a cord with a bell around its neck.

The cushion is red to promote good health! This Japanese cat holds a bag of gold for wealth in its right paw. He greets with his left hand!

It is an ideal choice of Japanese decor and one that will please a fan of Japan. The cat will bring luck and good fortune to your house!

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