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Wear this cheap Japanese apron, it is ideal for cooking delicious meals

The cat represented on this apron

This Japanese apron has many patterns that recall nature in the land of the rising sun. You can see a green background decorated with waves (seigaiha). There are also representations of flowers (tsubaki) on a yellow background.

Seigaiha waves or “blue ocean waves"symbolize peace, luck and prosperity. They often complement Japanese ecological packaging. Tsubaki (camellia) flowers represent hope. All the ingredients are there on this cooking apron !

  • Materials: linen, cotton and polyester
  • Japanese pattern: seigaiha and tsubaki
  • Sizes: 66x47 cm (adult) and 47x38 cm (child)
  • Package: it contains a cotton and linen apron

Take a look at our Japanese apron tutorial to make good use of this kitchen garment:


🍣 Simple to tie, durable, ecological and sublimated colors... Definitely, this long apron has it all! Available in a children's version, you can even share a good moment of transmission. Multi-functional, it is also suitable for DIY and gardening.

🍣 For long-lasting wear, clean this sleeveless Japanese apron at 30°. The trick to preserve the brilliance of colors? Add salt to the wash water!

🍣 Want an original and colorful Japanese kitchen suit ? We recommend the Maneki Neko apron . In Japan, it symbolizes luck and good fortune.

🍣 If you want to discover even more models, we advise you to go to the collection of Japanese aprons : it offers a wide selection of patterns, colors and symbols inspired by the archipelago.

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