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Tabi means “foot bag”: these Japanese socks combine business with pleasure

Japanese socks have been used by the natives since the 15th century. They are used to put on Japanese flip flops with a strap between the big toe and the rest of the foot. They are traditionally sported with a traditional kimono. Most of the models are white but you can find some of the most original ones.

The prints on these Japanese socks are vegetables. The culinary art is very present in Japan. Their food is both healthy and refined. Vegetables are usually steamed. The sweetness of these foods mirrors that of split-toe socks .

To find out, try this pair of light and comfortable socks.

  • Material : combed cotton
  • Style : vegetable pattern
  • Size : from 35 to 41
tabi-tuto socks

Find our tips for wearing these high socks in Japanese fashion:

🇯🇵 In Japan, presentation and dress are very important. The Japanese wear codified clothing such as kimono for example. To put it on, you must follow 7 steps. Tabi socks must also respect a protocol: they should never be mismatched.

🇯🇵 Separated toe socks have the advantage that they can be adapted according to the style. For a traditional outfit, we advise you to wear white socks. If you prefer the streetwear style, we recommend that you do a color reminder with a suit from your outfit. With a cosplay costume, make an assortment socks - geta sandals.

🇯🇵 Our vegetable socks are not only comfortable to wear. They are also functional: anti-friction and anti-perspirant. The material used is breathable and absorbs sweat. Perfect for keeping warm and dry all day long.

🇯🇵 With the holidays or a birthday approaching, find inspiration and give a pretty pair of colorful socks to a lover of the land of the rising sun. For that, go directly to our Japanese socks collection. Here you will find a wide range of socks with Japanese patterns.

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