Dragon Combat Temporary Tattoo

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Draw strength from this dragon tattoo on your back, it will give you courage to face all obstacles

The first Japanese tattoos come from the Ainu tribes. Gradually, they were equated with the Yakuza criminal gangs. During the Edo era (1603-1868), mafia people were tattooed on their foreheads to be identified as a result of their unsavory actions.

The art of Irezumi tattooing is unique to the land of the rising sun. It's a technique that uses bamboo. It is much more painful than a “simple"needle and ink tattoo. This rite of passage to be admitted to the Yakuza clan proves the courage and resistance to pain of its members.

The dragon represented on this back tattoo also symbolizes strength and courage. It is an animal that is just as honored as it is respected by the inhabitants of the archipelago. It is staged in a fight for its protective properties.

Before opting for a permanent tattoo, we advise you to bet on a temporary tattoo : you can take the opportunity to refine the design.

  • Dimensions: 48 x 35 cm
  • Tattoo style: Japanese dragon
  • Hypoallergenic tattoo: medical glue of natural origin

To be sure that this temporary tattoo will be applied correctly, we recommend that you follow our instructions to the letter:

🇯🇵 First of all, you have to choose a part of your body where your skin is smooth, that is, hairless. It will be more effective in terms of grip and hold. Cleans well and dries this area properly before applying the Japanese tattoo .

🇯🇵 To put it on, cut it out following the contours of the drawing and think about leaving a small margin of one centimeter. You can then gently peel off the transparent film. Put the drawn face on the chosen area of your body and make the Japanese tattoo penetrate by moistening it with a well-wrung sponge.

🇯🇵 Let it rest for about 2 minutes then take it off slowly starting at a corner. Continue to moisten it during the operation. Once the dragon tattoo is completely removed, let it dry for 10 minutes without moving too much. And that's it!

🇯🇵 Vary the pleasures and discover all of our ephemeral tattoos in our Japanese tattoo collection. Let yourself be inspired by the symbols of the country of the rising sun before making your choice...

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