Dragon sukajan jacket

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This Dragon sukajan jacket combines rebellion and softness like the Bosozoku: a gang of bikers with a tender heart

The bosozoku are biker gangs with their own dress code. They usually wear a suit called tokko fuku. It means "special assault suit". The embroidery patterns of these suits are inspired by pilots and kamikazes of the 2nd world war.

This short jacket has a dragon on it. This mythic animal is honored and respected in Japan, acting as a sign of power and benevolence. One can also see the famous sakura (cherry blossoms) which bud in Spring and symbolize ephemeral beauty.

The embroideries on this bomber jacket bring brightness and resistance. We have saved the best for you until last: it is reversible japanese outfit so you can wear it inside out or outside in!

  • 💯 Embroidery threads are carefully chosen so that you may have a perfect and durable jacket
  • 💯 If you wish for another Japanese pattern, we advise you to have a look at this phoenix sukajan perfect to scare the enemy
    perfect to scare the enemy
  • 💯 We recommend that you do not wear your jacket in the rain
  • 💯 For the powerful look of a Japanese bosozoku biker, we recommend you to get all the right accessories: hachimaki headband, sunglasses, masks and a pompadour hairstyle with your sukajan!

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