Fox Face Mask

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Wear this Japanese fox face mask and slip into the skin of an anbu ninja!

In Shinto religion, the kitsune (fox demon) is a mythological spirit. It is the messenger of the goddess Inari who symbolizes fertility, rice and agriculture.

It is customary in Japan to offer a gift to kitsune during celebrations of it in front of one's house. The most common is inarizushi (sweet fried tofu). It turns out that it is the fox's favorite food.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to wear your Japanese fox mask...


💯 If you are looking for a cosplay costume, we advise you to bring this kitsune fox mask.

💯 You can also let yourself be inspired by manga. Anbu ninjas wear masks to hide their true identity and protect their Shinobi village.

💯 Become a real special forces agent in a secret hideout with this fox demon mask!

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