Fox Head Mask

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Complete your festival outfit with this Japanese mask of a Kitsune Fox

The kitsune mask appeared at the time of samurais, geishas and shinobis. It represents a fantastic spirit very present in Japanese religion and folklore. Today, it is a widespread fashion accessory, especially in manga and popular culture.

Babymetal, notorious Japanese J-pop and heavy metal bands alike all wear this mask in a style that is both rock, kawaii (colorful) and traditional. This fox spirit can be found in the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo. It's a neighborhood known for its artistic atmosphere which is full of flashy and pastel colors.

Find some recommendations to display an authentic Japanese style with this Japanese fox mask...


💯 If you too want to adopt this look, we advise you to wear a traditional Japanese outfit such as a yukata, a light kimono or a haori jacket...

💯 It's also an excellent Japanese fashion accessory if you want a streetwear style borrowed from authentic Japanese culture.

💯 You can also accessorize it with ribbons, patterned tights or even colorful makeup.

💯 With this Japanese mask, you will be ready for a real matsuri (Japanese festival)!

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