Geisha Japan Kimono

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This trendy kimono for women is the essential piece to have in your dressing room for a trendy and authentic look

The kimono has reinvented and modernized itself over the years. Historically, between 1600 and 1800, it was reserved for geishas and was worn during tea ceremonies. Today, in Japan, it is worn at graduations and weddings. It is very popular in the West, especially if you are a fan of Japan, and can be worn in a less formal setting.

A party with friends, a fancy dress party, a family dinner... There is no lack of occasions to wear your nice geisha kimono. You can match it with thin white tennis shoes that will accentuate the Western effect without breaking the traditional look.

The prints at the bottom of this authentic kimono symbolize longevity and good fortune: they are called tsuru (Japanese birds with a long neck and a red spot on the top of the head). At the top of the Japanese garment, we find the iris flowers that inspired the greatest painters and designers: this is the case of Hokusai and Van Gogh.

how to put on a japanese woman kimono

So that your kimono fits you like a glove, here are our top 3 fashion tips:

  • 💯 Consult the size instructions if needed because this is only sold in a single size. You can wear this Japanese dress in loose mode or belt it at the waist
  • 💯 If you want your traditional outfit to take the colors of the flag, have a look to this red kimono geisha anime: the colors and patterns will make you shine like the Japanese sun.
  • 💯 For a modern geisha japanese kimono dress style, we invite you to choose your obi belt carefully which is a real fashion accessory and will be a great complement to your kimono! Add a small furoside (Japanese fabric bag) and a hair jewel; the kanzashi comb. Your feminine and modern look will be dashing

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