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Take advantage of the elegance of these geta ara sandals to have an authentic Japanese look

These sandals are part of the ancient culture of the Land of the Rising Sun . They have been designed in wood with non-slip coatings to prevent slipping. The straps are made of soft and thick fabrics for added comfort.

They have the advantage of being light and lower than other Japanese geta models. They have a height of 2 to 3 cm, largely sufficient to prevent the bottom of the clothes from getting dirty.

They blend perfectly with traditional clothing such as yukata or kimono women or men. You can also wear them with Western outfits.

Our tips to help you have an authentic Japanese look with these pretty sandals...

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💯 These Japanese sandals are also worn with barefoot for a casual look during Matsuri Festivals.

💯 To wear these wooden shoes comfortably, use the straps to adjust them to your feet. This will prevent them from rubbing against the toes when you walk.

💯 We recommend matching the color of the straps and with the Japanese pattern of the obi belt .

💯 We have prepared a complete selection of Japanese Geta with a wide variety of colors, soles height and Japanese symbols...

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