Geta Sandal Shinjiru

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Adopts these Shinjiru sandals to achieve a style effect worthy of the land of the rising sun

These Japanese shoes stand out for their design similar to beach flip-flops. They are both sturdy and lightweight. This allows you to use very comfortable in any circumstance. These sandals are made of wood, covered with anti-slip rubber. Its straps are made of thick cotton.

This model has the advantage of having the teeth at the back of the soles. So you can wear them more easily like classic flip flops . You can pair it with traditional clothes or more modern outfits.

A few tips to follow to have traditional Japanese style ...

how-wear-a-sandal-japanese tuto

💯 Pull on the straps to adjust the sandals to the size of your feet. This ensures a good hold and a more comfortable walk.

💯 Combine the colour of the straps with that of your outfit for a more stylish look .

💯 When ordering your geta, make sure they are smaller than your usual size. In the land of the rising sun , the heels will have to exceed at least 1 cm from the soles for a better balance when walking.

💯 We created a collection of Japanese Geta . Don't hesitate to browse it to find the model that's missing in your wardrobe.

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