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Become a beautiful Maiko or a geisha with these Japanese geta sandals

If you like to dress up, these Japanese sandals will elegantly complement your Maiko outfit . A maiko is an apprentice geisha...

They have wooden soles high enough to prevent the bottom of your kimono from dragging on the ground. The Hanao (straps) are made of thick red fabric. They allow a good hold of shoes when you walk.

These Japanese shoes are comfortable and lightweight. The inside of the soles is hollow and the front is bevelled to help keep you balanced when you walk.

In this tutorial, you will find some tips to have a perfect Maiko look ...

how-wear-a-sandal-japanese tuto

💯 To have more style to your look , think about matching the color of your outfit with that of your sandals.

💯 By coordinating the colour of the straps with that of your Obi belt, you will bring a style effect to your outfit.

💯 It is better to buy a size above the usual size because they are Japanese sizes...

💯 We have created a collection of Japanese Geta sandals with different sizes, colors and Japanese symbols inspired by the culture of the rising sun country...

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