Maneki Neko Big Cat Money Bank

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Big Maneki Neko Money Box with Cute Pink Bow Tie in Kawaii Style

The Maneki Neko is a Japanese lucky charm. This ceramic money box will allow you to store all your small change. It is an ideal decoration accessory for all fans of the world of Japan.

The Maneki Neko Money Box features a cushion with a floral Japanese pattern ! When a statue of Maneki Neko has both legs raised, it means that the cat invites people to enter his home.

It also symbolizes good fortune (in a commercial sense). The Japanese cat also wears bells and a tassel. Japanese cherry blossoms are visible on the red collar and belly of the statuette. On the back of the Maneki Neko figure , the three gourds are a symbol that keeps evil spirits away like yokai or oni!

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