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This women's kimono jacket is fluid and light. Ideal for a beach kimono or a Japanese-style outfit

👘 This women's Haori kimono is comfortable and soft. This outfit inspired by Japanese legends is ideal for a cocooning moment at home. This mid-season women's jacket is also perfect for a dinner with friends.

The length of the sleeves is three-quarters in shape. The cut of this Japanese-style garment is straight and trendy. This women's kimono jacket goes well with a simple and classic outfit.

The pattern printed on the back of the haori kimono represents a woman demon who is very well known in the Land of the Rising Sun: Hannya. He is a vindictive demon who has come back to Earth to torment humans after experiencing devastating and destructive love.

Discover our wide range of beach kimono and cardigan in the kimono jacket collection. It is full of models highlighting symbols in the Land of the Rising Sun: fox kitsune, carp koi fish, Japanese writing Kanji, Japanese demon oni...

  • Design: demon Hannya and Japanese geisha
  • Material of the Japanese kimono jacket: polyester/cotton blend
  • Brilliant sublimation printing
  • Jacket length: 69 cm (27.2 in)
  • Cut: short and straight
  • Wash : 30°C (86°F)
(in / cm)




Unique 47.2 / 120
28.3 / 72
10.2 / 26

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