Geta Japan Edo
Geta Japan Edo
Geta Japan Edo
Geta Japan Edo

Geta Japan Edo

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Adopts a traditional Japanese look with these gorgeous Geta Japan Edo

These sandals allow you to have a unique style, like the famous maiko, the apprentices geisha of the Edo era. These Japanese shoes have a very high platform, allowing to preserve the kimono.

This Japanese pair is made with a white varnished base. The center is empty to ensure the lightness of the sandals. Its straps are made of thick fabric, providing the feet a good support. The front part of the soles is beveled for easier movement.

Our tips for wearing this pair of okobo geta ...

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💯 These sandals are especially worn during large traditional Japanese festivities such as natsu matsuri or Tanabata.

💯 These Japanese shoes are worn with an authentic kimono, an Obi belt and a Japanese fan.

💯 In Japan, your sandals should be smaller than your feet, especially if you wear traditional clothes . Heels should protrude 1 or 2 cm from the soles

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