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In Japan, the man wears the kimono to go to official ceremonies

Kimono means garment in Japanese. This is the traditional garment worn by the inhabitants of the archipelago for major events. Shinto religious wedding, tea ceremony, student graduation... The kimono is a must.

Made of quality polyester, this summer men's kimono is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It is also called a yukata. It has two motifs symbolizing protection: the dragon and the uroko pattern (which means scales). The dragon is the protector of the gods and scales refer to his impenetrable skin.

  • Fabric Material: Polyester Fiber
  • The fabric is soft and soft
  • The length of the kimono is 140 cm
  • The kimono cut is straight and the length of the sleeves is mid-length
  • Japanese motifs: Uroko and Dragon

🈚 We offer you an obi belt to complete the set and allow you to wear this Japanese kimono in accordance with the tradition of the land of the rising sun.

Here are our best fashion recommendations to wear this traditional garment ...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 Available in one size, this Japanese kimono will fit perfectly to your size if you measure between 1m70 and 1m75. The advantage of the adjustable belt? It will suit all morphologies.

💯 Opt for this kimono and belt set to go to a party with friends or to give it as a gift to a lover of the land of the rising sun. This authentic Japanese garment can also be worn with typical geta or zori sandals.

💯 If you like the dragon pattern, we advise you to try the Kumo Kimono . It symbolizes clouds, a sign of hope and change. And it represents the protective dragons.

💯 In order not to commit odd, do not forget to always close the kimono in the same way. The right pan of the fabric should always be below the left pan. In the Japanese tradition, the reverse is reserved for the deceased.

💯 Find all of our typical archipelago clothing in the Japanese men kimono collection. Rich in symbols, patterns and colors of Japan, the hardest will be to make a choice.

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