Japanese Girl Kimono

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Wear this black and flowery kimono for women and become a flower among flowers

This black and flowery kimono for women perfectly reflects the elegance and refinement of traditional Japanese clothing. Flowers are very present in Japanese culture. Each one has one or more meanings. Japanese gardens are known for their beauty and soothing virtue. There is even a festival (hanami) where one can take the time to celebrate them. It takes place every year, in Spring, when the buds appear.

If you don't want to look out of place wearing your kimono, here are the other pieces to acquire: a nagajuban (special kimono underwear made not to dirty the garment), tabi split-toe socks (we advise you wear the white ones), Japanese geta sandals, an obi belt made of fabric that matches the patterns, a kanzashi comb to decorate your hairstyle, a haori (modern kimono jacket) and a fan.

Traditionally, the kimono was reserved for tea ceremonies. This ancestral art inspired by Buddhism, takes place when a practitioner prepares tea and serves it to a small committee in a soothing atmosphere.

Nowadays, it is used a little more widely but always in a formal setting: passages to adulthood, graduation ceremonies, weddings or even funerals.

How is the kimono

Have a look to the tutorial on how to wear a Japanese kimono

  • 💯 To look like a geisha, maiko or geiko, you can match your traditional kimono with a wide feminine obi belt, a pair of plain pumps, and a sensual folding fan
  • 💯 Always belt the kimono at the waist by putting the left side on the right side
  • 💯 If you wish to complete your geisha dressing room with more shimmering colors, we recommend our white kimono Japanese. It mixes floral patterns and the ancient traditions of the land of the rising sun!
  • For more design, you can also have a look to our full women kimono dress collection. You will look like to a geisha girl from Japan

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