Japanese Hannya Mask

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  • Material of Japanese mask: resin
  • .
  • Style: Oni Japanese folklore, Hanny mask
  • Size: 11.8" x 7.9" (30cm x 20cm)
  • Japanese hannya mask is worn during some matsuri festivals

    Hannya is an Oni demon of vengeance. In the Japanese theater, the role of this Japanese ghost is always played thanks and with a mask possessing sharp horns and teeth.

    The traditional Japanese mask hannya is so famous in the land of the rising sun that can be seen in cartoons, movies, video games or worn with cosplay costumes.

    If you want to acquire this Japanese mask, take care that the evil soul of this Yurei does not turn you into an avenging monster... Here are some tips to wear this Japanese demon mask...

    oni mask japan

    💯 This Asian mask is worn during Japanese festivals known as matsuri. These are summer festivals in the land of the rising sun

    💯 We recommend wearing it with a lightweight kimono, a pair of geta sandals and an obi belt 

    💯 For a disguised evening or to celebrate Halloween, this white Japanese masks are ideal to bring out the damned soul in you!

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