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This flowered kimono for women is ideal to go to the Hanami festival

Hanami is an annual event that celebrates Japanese flowers. At the arrival of Spring, when the buds begin to blossom, Japanese people gather in a friendly atmosphere with music and food. And when that happens, it's time to take out your kimono!

To go to a Summer festival or for a fancy dress party, this Japanese kimono for women will give you a traditional geisha look. For the occasion, we advise you to tie your hair in a low bun and to make up your mouth with a nice lipstick and your eyes with a simple stroke of eyeliner. 

This authentic garment with the colors of the Japanese flag will give you the strength of the sun it represents. To wear it, here are 3 things to know.

The first is that you have to start by putting on separate toe socks called tabi. The second is that you have to wear a sub-kimono (nagajuban) and let the collar show. Finally, to close your Japanese traditional outfit, think of passing the left side of the fabric over the right side. And that's it!

Japanese Kimono Fabric

Here are some fashion recommendations for a wearing a kimono the right way:

  • 💯 Check the size guide if you need help with measurements
  • If you want darker tones for your geisha outfit, check out this Japanese kimono outfit. It's a Japanese piece to have absolutely have in your wardrobe. Remember to always fold the left side on the right side to respect the geisha dress code
  • 💯 To perfect your Japanese kimono dressing, we advise you choose a nice pair of geta sandals and tabi socks. You can also play around with wearing an obi belt (you can find some with the knot already made in the back)

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