Japanese Kimono Robe Costume

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This traditional kimono for women welcomes Spring and the blossoming of sakura flowers

The flower of sakura is a pattern often repeated on many Japanese clothes. Sakura means cherry tree in Japanese. It is one of the most emblematic symbols of the country. The flowering, which takes place at the end of March and the beginning of April, symbolizes the arrival of Spring.

This also mean the beginning of the school year. There is even an event dedicated to the celebration of these flowers: it is called Hanami. When it is represented on a garment like this, it represents sweetness, kindness and ephemeral beauty.

Historically worn for tea ceremonies (a custom of Buddhist inspiration), the classic kimono is an emblematic garment. It is used today for any formal event: weddings, graduations, funerals, passages to adulthood...

To wear it, strict codes and steps must be followed. Put on white socks with slit toes, nagajuban underwear (thin white dress) and then the kimono with the nagajuban visible at the collar. To respect Japanese tradition, it is absolutely necessary to fold down the left side onto the right side (the opposite is reserved for the deceased). Then, close the kimono with a feminine obi belt.

By following our advice, you will have a pure Japanese geisha style from the Edo period. The quality fabric is comfortable to wear all day long. We also make a huge amount of effort to ensure quality of the Japanese patterns printed on this traditional dress.

Choosing to wear this women's kimono is to have, on these shoulders, one of the most iconic symbols of Japan! So wear this traditional kimono inspired by the floral patterns of the country of the rising sun proudly!

how to wear the traditional women's kimono?

Tips and fashion tutorials for the kimono of a traditional Japanese woman:

  • 💯 For women measuring between 1.55 m and 1.65 m: we recommend size S! For those measuring more than 1.65 m: size M will suit
  • 💯 You can also refer to the size guide to get the exact dimensions
  • 💯 For a typical style of real Japanese geisha, we recommend you to wear a pair of wooden sandals, tabi socks, an obi belt and a kanzashi comb!
  • 💯  If you are looking for more Japanese kimono dress, you have plenty of colors and Japanese pattern

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