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Bet on this Japanese print: cats symbolize the way of life of the inhabitants of the archipelago

Born in the early 1600s, in the middle of the Edo period, Japanese prints were first defined by their spiritual character. Inspired by Buddhism, they gradually represented scenes from the urban everyday life of the Japanese.

Among the favorite themes of the artists of the ukiyo-e (artistic movement of the image of the floating world), we find the representation of figures of Japan such as the samurai and the geishas. Some designers also represent Japanese calendars. Finally, emblematic landscape paintings appear.

This print reproduction depicts cats depicting scenes inspired by everyday life. It is drawn with fine lines, on a yellow background, with Japanese inscriptions “kanjis"that symbolize Japanese calligraphic characters.

  • Package contains one Japanese print replica
  • The design is made on a 100% cotton canvas
  • The Japanese canvas is delivered in a tube for unhindered transport

Here are our recommendations for displaying a print representation at home:

💯 We recommend that you take the measurements of the chosen location before ordering this copy of a Japanese painting . It comes in 4 different sizes.

💯 We do not ship the frame with the wall canvas but it is quite possible to buy one in order to add a traditional Japanese touch.

💯 This Japanese decoration is more easily transportable than a traditional print: it is light, easy to handle and handle.

💯 The cotton that makes up the canvas retains the brilliance of the colors and gives a matte effect that does not make a shiny reflection.

💯 Discover more models in our Japanese print collection that features portraits of samurai, paintings by Geishas and drawings of typical landscapes.

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