Japanese Style Men's Ring

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This refined Japanese style men's ring will fit you like a glove

The fine motifs depicted on this 925 silver ring refer to the subtle and elegant style of the Japanese. Carefully engraved, it is composed of a palette of shades of gray ranging from light silver to almost black dark grey.

Hallmarked and of high quality, this Japanese ring is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Durable over time, it does not rust. It is lightweight and is very easy to wear. Find all our tips in the tutorial below!

  • Ring diameter : between 15 and 22 mm
  • Composition : 925 silver
  • Weight : 11 g

Here are all our recommendations to highlight your Japanese-style ring and maintain it so that it retains its brilliance:


⛩️ You can put your sterling silver ring in contact with water without damaging it, but we strongly advise against wearing it when using chemicals, household or other products!

⛩️ Silver does not rust but can oxidize. To prevent your Japanese jewellery from blackening, we recommend that you clean it by dipping it in a bowl of warm water with soap before rinsing and make it shine with a soft cloth


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⛩️ This thin ring will be perfect for adding a Japanese touch to your outfit: whether it's classic, streetwear or traditional

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