Japanese Summer Kimono

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Metamorphose yourself into a traditional geisha thanks to this black flowered kimono for women

Ideal for an evening with friends or to invite family to dinner, this elegant kimono will make you the woman of the evening. Put yourself in the boots of Japanese women, and let yourself be inspired by their makeup: red lips, eyeliner and porcelain complexion.

Historically, the traditional kimono was worn during tea ceremonies. Today, it is also worn when teenage girls celebrate their 20th birthday and move on to adulthood for example.

This authentic Japanese clothing refers to ephemeral beauty; flowers fade as fast as they open. Every year, in spring, Japanese people celebrate hanami, the honoring of flowers, in vast numbers.

Kimono fleuri femme tuto

Here are our fashion recommendations to make your traditional kimono look good:

  • 💯 To perfect your Japanese fashion sense, we invite you to choose a nice obi belt to tie in the back (you can find some with the knot already formed). This accessory is essential to close your kimono
  • 💯 If you want brighter colors for your Japanese outfit, take a look at our Japanese red kimono
  • 💯 Respect tradition by folding the left side to the right side when you close your Japanese traditional dressTraditional geisha style guaranteed!

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