Demon Temporary Tattoo

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Do you dare to wear that Japanese tatto of a demon woman on your back?

A true trademark of Japanese mafia clans, the Japanese tattoo is deeply rooted in the culture and folklore of the archipelago. Traditionally, this art is associated with criminals in the Land of the Rising Sun. It was a punitive mark for their actions.

In Japan, the tattoo technique is very painful. Bamboo, needle and ink bites are hard to bear. In addition, the Yakuza tend to get tattooed on very large areas such as their back, legs or arms. So, Japanese tattoos are a proof of courage.

The woman depicted in this back tattoo is wearing a demon mask. The latter represents Hannya, the vengeful demon woman. Her story tells that she was eaten away by destructive love and that she came back down to Earth to torment men.

Do you want to get a Japanese tattoo? Before that, we advise you to try temporary tattoos to get a first idea.

  • Dimensions: 48 x 35 cm
  • Tattoo style: Japanese demon woman
  • Hypoallergenic installation: natural medical glue


Find our special ephemeral Japanese tattoo tutorial for a pose and a rendering as well done as a permanent tattoo:

🇯🇵 For starters, opt for a smooth, hairless part of your body to optimize the adhesion of the ephemeral tattoo . Then make sure that this area is well cleaned and properly dried.

🇯🇵 Cut out the design leaving a margin around the visual of about 1 cm. Remove the protective film gently and gently. Apply the paper on the drawing side to the chosen area and moisten it with a wet and wrung out sponge by tapping it well so that the Japanese tattoo design sticks to your skin.

🇯🇵 Leave the temporary tattoo paper on for about 2 minutes. Slowly remove moistened paper starting at a corner. Continue to apply the sponge to keep the paper soft and wet. Let it dry for 10 minutes or it may become deformed.

🇯🇵 Do you want to find out more? Go to our collection of tattoos from Japan. We offer a wide range of designs inspired by Japanese culture and folklore.

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