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Wear these traditional Japanese shoes to complete a cosplay suit

Do you like manga and Japanese culture? Adopts this pair of wooden shoes for your cosplay outfit . They will give you a traditional look on special occasions and festivities in the land of the rising sun.

You can pair them with a haori or a yukata kimono during the Japanese summer matsuri. They are also perfect with an oversized Japanese T-Shirt and wide Japanese trousers. This will allow you to adopt a streetwear and modern look.

  • Size : from 35 to 46 (depending on stock available)
  • This pair is intended exclusively for men
  • The “dai” : is made of hard wood and carved. The “geta” is equipped with two “ha” (tooth) that allows you to gain height to preserve the bottom of the clothes
  • The “hanao” : the strap is made of thick fabric with red and white patterns. It allows you to wear the “geta” comfortably
  • Anti-slip coating : is rubber to prevent slipping

How to wear these sandals correctly? Here are some tips to follow?


💯 All our geta are Japanese size. We advise you to order a size larger than your actual size

💯 This pair is perfect with for a casual look by wearing them barefoot. For a more formal style, it is better to pair it with tabi ( Japanese socks )

💯 Don't hesitate to browse our collection of Japanese geta . Here you will find our model of wooden sandals of different heights and different colors...

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