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Jinbei is a garment for men that combines comfort, softness and elegance

A true indoor must-have, the Jinbei for men is considered pajamas. It can be worn at night, during the day or in the evening. It is a garment inspired by traditional Japanese fashion. It is sober, elegant and unique in its kind. You can also keep it if you need to take out the trash, pick up your mail or do some errands nearby.

This Japanese nightwear is made of cotton. It is a material known to be resistant, light and very soft. It absorbs moisture and will keep you dry all night, even in high temperatures. The cut of the garment is loose. It allows great freedom of movement.

Composed of pants and a jacket, the Japanese pajamas adapt to all body types thanks to its belt and elastic waist. The jacket is worn like a yukata kimono and closes to the right. The pants are cut short, as are the sleeves of the pajama top.

  • Material : cotton
  • Style : checkered
  • Size : M, L or XL

How to wear a man Jinbei

Here are our suggestions for how to wear this Japanese loungewear to perfection:

👘 When it comes to size, we recommend that you refer to our guide below. If you are in doubt, always choose the larger size. The Jinbei is designed to be worn wide. You'll be more comfortable there. The belt and the elastic at the waist will also allow you to adjust it.

👘 Take advantage of a quiet moment to put on your beautiful Japanese pajamas . You can choose to put it on when you get home after a long day at work. You can also wear it on weekends or during your vacation. This garment is synonymous with well-being.

👘 If you want to discover other models, patterns and colors, we invite you to take a look at our collection Jinbei man . It is composed of a wide choice of cotton jinbeis that will delight fans of the archipelago!

(CM/Inch) Bust Length Sleeves
M 113/44.5 75/29.5 29/11.4
L 117/46.1 78/30.7 30/11.8
XL 121/47.6 81/31.9 31/12.2

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🌐: Fourteen to twenty five business days

You have 14 days to return your item. Please contact us first via the contact form or by email: contact@kimurakami.com. The after-sales service will tell you the return process.

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