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Immerse yourself in the Japanese universe with this Jinbei: a nightwear for women

This Japanese ensemble is typical of the country of the rising sun. It is inspired by traditional Japanese clothing such as the kimono. However, it is more casual and less restrictive (rules for wearing it, customs...). These Japanese pajamas are made up of a kimono top and cotton pants.

The patterns printed on this Japanese nightwear are reminiscent of childhood. Intricately designed little bears on the garment set symbolize sweetness and innocence. The kawaii style (cute and colorful) emerged in Japan in the 1980s and followed a student protest movement.

Cotton is soft, warm and breathable. It is ideal in all seasons. Durable and comfortable to wear, cotton lasts over time and is hardly damaged. It will offer you a moment of unparalleled comfort... Ready to try it out?

  • Material : cotton
  • Style : teddy bears
  • Size : M, L, XL and 2XL


Here are our recommendations for wearing this jinbei like a real Japanese woman:

🇯🇵 After a long day at work, all you want is to slow down? The good news is that you're going to be able to snuggle up in ultra-comfortable cotton pyjamas . Run a hot bath and prepare herbal tea!

🇯🇵 Japanese people are used to putting on a similar garment after enjoying hot onsen baths: the casual yukata kimono. Get inspired by their culture and roll up in this pyjama set after relaxing in a bubble bath or hot shower.

🇯🇵 To discover all our models, from the pyjama set to the Japanese nightie, we advise you to go to our collection women's night kimono . Browse product lines and descriptions to refine your choice and revolutionize your end of the day.

(CM/Inch) shoulders bust Length sleeves
M 65/25.59 130/51.18 73/28.7 30/11.8
L 67/26.4 134/52.7 76/29.9 31/12.2
XL 69/27.2 138/54.3 79/31.1 32/12.6
2XL 71/27.9 142/55.9 82/32.3 33/12.9

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