Men's Kimono Festival

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Put on this men's festival kimono to get you to a matsuri

Matsuri means Japanese festival. Every year, nearly 200,000 events are held in the archipelago. They can be festive, religious or even celebrate nature. Koi Nobori, for example, are banners with the effigy of Japanese carp. They are brandies during the Tango no sekku, the national holiday which is also children's day.

This casual kimono (yukata) is the perfect garment to go to a festival. The motifs depicted on this festival garment are Nami waves, they symbolize strength. There are also fish called “koi carp”, they also refer to strength, but also to courage.

  • Fabric Material: Polyester
  • The fabric is practical, lightweight and simple to put on
  • Kimono length: 140 cm
  • Kimono and sleeve cut: straight
  • Japanese motifs: Nami waves and koi carp

Here are our tips for wearing this casual men's kimono ...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 This festival yukata comes in one size: perfect to fit any body shape. It will be adjusted if you measure between 1m70 and 1m80. It can also be worn shorter for a “jacket” effect or longer for a casual style. If you want to mark your waist, use a Japanese belt called “obi”.

💯 Yukata kimono is worn during matsuri festivals to contemplate the fireworks, it is worn with a pair of Japanese shoes (geta) for a typical Edo era vibe. You can also put on a festival mask.

💯 If you're looking for a Japanese yukata in pastel tones, take a look at the colorful kimono : it will be perfect for summer!

💯 To finalize your festival outfit, make sure that you always close the Japanese dress in this direction: the left piece of fabric must cover the right side. The reverse is reserved for kimonos (often white) of the deceased.

💯 Find all of our Japanese clothing (traditional kimono, festival dress or samurai costume) in the Japanese men kimono collection. You will discover many models inspired by the land of the rising sun.

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