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This Japanese men's kimono is ideal for immersion in the land of the rising sun

Translated literally as “garment”, the kimono for men is the historical garment of Japan. It was traditionally carried by the higher social class but has become democratized in recent years. Its casual version is called a yukata. Today, some even wear it in a streetwear style for a modern and Japanese look.

It is woven based on lightweight polyester fibers. It is a perfect outfit for summer or spring. You can also wear it for a party with friends or just at home: this Japanese kimono is ultra-comfortable and convenient to put on. It wears a mixture of kikko motifs (symbol of longevity) and sayagata (with reference to life and strength).

  • Fabric Material: Polyester
  • The fabric is soft, fluid and breathable
  • The length of the kimono measures67 inches
  • The kimono cut is straight and the sleeves reach the elbow height
  • Japanese design: inspired by Wagara designs

Here are some fashion tips...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 The one size of this Japanese clothing will fit all body shapes: it can be worn open or closed. We advise you to also wear an adjustable Japanese belt to mark your waist and draw your silhouette. If you measure about 1m75, the fabric will fall to the ankles for a 100% Japanese effect.

💯 Party with friends, Japanese party, summer festival... Every occasion is good to put on this traditional kimono . You can even match it with separate toe socks and wooden sandals: comfort assured.

💯 If you like geometric shapes, opt for the blue patchwork kimono : it has layered patterns and will guarantee a style worthy of the land of the rising sun.

💯 When you fine-tune your Japanese outfit , think about folding the left pan above the right pan so that it is not confused with a mortuary kimono (worn by those who died at burials).

💯 Before you go, take a look at our casual kimonos, trendy kimono jackets and authentic kimonos : they are in the Japanese kimono men collection. Perfect for a birthday gift or to complement your wardrobe, they will remind you of the rich and unique culture of the archipelago.

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