Men's Dragon Kimono

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Put on this dragon man kimono, lucky symbol of Japanese deities

The kimono man was born around the 12th century. At the time, it was subject to a strict dress code and was worn by the Japanese elite. Since then, the yukata (casual version of the classic kimono) has appeared. And clothes like haori jackets (over kimono) have become democratized.

The dragon depicted on this Japanese costume symbolizes the god of the sea and thunder. He is benevolent, contrary to the image he gives in Western culture. In Japan, he is considered the protector of the gods. It symbolizes strength and power.

  • Fabric Material: Quality Polyester Fiber
  • The fabric is breathable, pleasant and lightweight
  • Kimono length: about 67 inches
  • Kimono Cut: Straight, Mid-Length Sleeves
  • Japanese pattern: Dragon (ryu)

Here are our fashion recommendations to wear this dragon kimono ...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 This Japanese Dragon Dress is available in size M or L. The length of the kimono may vary depending on the size. You can add an obi belt to bend it if needed.

💯 Don't know what occasion to wear it? It's pretty simple. This Japanese garment is ideal in all circumstances: stroll on the beach, aperitif with friends, cocooning time at home, festival... Every occasion is good to put on this Japanese dress.

💯 If you want to buy another Japanese kimono with protective symbols, we recommend the uroko kimono . Its motifs refer to the scales of the impenetrable skin of fish, snakes or dragons. They symbolize protection.

💯 Always think about closing this Japanese clothing by folding the left side over the right side to the risk of confusing it with a kimono reserved for the deceased.

💯 Curious to discover other Japanese models? Take a look at our Japanese kimono men collection. We offer a wide selection of Japanese outfits that, in our humble opinion, will not leave you indifferent.

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