Kitsune mask japanese fox

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This Kitsune Japanese Fox MaskĀ is nicely painted with sakura flowers šŸ‘¹

In Japanese culture, the sakura pattern refers to cherry blossoms. You can use it toĀ contemplate the Hanami festival!

  • Handmade Mask: handcrafted and inspired by JapaneseĀ folklore
  • Dimension: approx 18cm wide and 17cm high, adjustable
  • Material and finish: our mask is made from Pulp
  • Pigment: propylene non-toxic and tasteless
  • Working time: Kimura Kami considers craftsmen as artists because it's what they are. The realization of a fox mask requires 4 days of work between molding, painting and finishing.
  • Usage: Mangakas, Airsoft players, Cosplayers or Halloween fans.

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