Kitsune Mask On Head

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Wear this beautiful Kitsune Mask On Head is based on Japanese color flag

The colors of the Japanese flag appear on this festival accessory! The kitsune mask, or fox god, is largely inspired by the Shinto religion. It also originated in theatrical dance and is featured very often in manga.

If you're a fan of shonen manga, you must have already seen a mask like this! This supernatural fox spirit is the messenger of Inari, the kami deity of rice and agriculture. 

The fox god can also be considered a demon according to Japanese myths and legends that tell his fantastic story...

If you want to know when and how to wear this mysterious mask, here are some tips...


💯 The thinness of this mask makes it a perfect accessory for going to a matsuri or Oji festival. These Japanese events are very much rooted in custom. The gods of the land of the rising sun are celebrated.

💯 The atmosphere is particularly festive: we dance, we sing, we eat, we stroll. You can even dress up! If you have the opportunity to stop in the archipelago, take the time to go to one of these festivals, you will not regret it. 

💯 We recommend wearing your Japanese demon mask with a traditional Japanese outfit like a Yukata or Haori jacket. But you can also opt for modern clothes with an oversized cut for a Japanese streetwear style

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