Kitsune Traditional Mask

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Wear this Kitsune Traditional Mask if you're a true shinobi ninja

The Japanese Anbu mask is a way to protect one's identity. In the manga, members of this section are part of the elite troops of the hidden villages...But...

What does the Japanese kitsune mask mean?

The kitsune is a god of Japanese folklore. He is the messenger on earth of the goddess Inari. This Japanese deity is one of the most beloved in the land of the rising sun. Kitsune foxes even have their own Matsuri festival that takes place every year...

If you want some tips to wear this mask like a real Japanese Here are some tips...


💯 The fox mask is perfect for attending a Halloween party. It will give an authentic Japanese touch to your traditional Japanese outfit.

💯 If however, you want to have an authentic geisha or samurai outfit, we recommend wearing a Yukata with white or red Japanese patterns to make a colorful callback with the kitsune mask...

💯  If you want to sport a trendy shinobi cosplay style, we recommend wearing a dark-colored Japanese hoodie and a wide cargo pants. This will highlight the white color and fine paintings of the Japanese fox mask!

💯 This shinobi mask has an elastane thread so it will fit any head shape...

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