Long Japanese Kimono

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This Asian kimono for women will plunge you into the traditional Japanese world.

The kimono (which means garment in Japanese) is an iconic Japanese clothing piece. It was worn by geishas during the Edo period. These young Japanese women, who trained very hard in the medium of performance and musical art, are often wrongly confused with courtesans.

This geisha ceremony is inspired by ancient Buddhist art. It consists of serving tea while respecting traditional codes to a small group of people. Everyone remains in a calm and hushed atmosphere, hence the term "ceremony".

If you also want to wear this unique piece to look like a real geisha, we advise you to wear it when you have friends over for tea or dinner. You'll surprise them all!

Long Japanese Kimono

Here are our fashion tips so that you can wear this traditional kimono the right way:

  • 💯 If you want to vary the colors while keeping a geisha pattern, we recommend this red kimono dress for women. This is a traditional kimono that proudly wears the colors of the Japanese flag!.
  • 💯 To perfect your geisha kimono dress outfit, we advise you to choose a obi belt to mark your waist and accentuate your silhouette. You can also add a sensu fan (foldable) or uchiwa as an accessory

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