Maneki Neko Bell

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This Maneki Neko is holding a bell in his left hand: it will attract good luck

The place of the lucky cat is central to the culture of Japan. He inspired many fictional characters such as Hello Kitty, the Pokémon Meow and Master Karine in Dragon Ball Z... It even influenced the design of streetwear ready-to-wear!

This Maneki Neko cat is wearing a bell in his left hand. Raised, it means “welcome."This piggy bank statuette will help you build your fortune. She wears a collar around her neck. In Japanese culture, the collar refers to the economic status of the cat owner.

  • Maneki Neko Enamel and Quality Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 23 cm long and 20 cm high
  • Package includes Maneki Neko Money Box and Cushion
tutorial Maneki Neko

Here are some tips to maximize your chances of attracting prosperity with this ceramic cat :

💯 Brighten up your living room with this cute little cat . You can put it on its cushion and place it in your entrance to welcome your guests and guests.

💯 Choose the location and orientation of the lucky maneki neko carefully. If you want to see your travel dreams come true, we advise you to turn it to the north-west.

💯 As Christmas or a birthday approaches, this Maneki Neko gift box will delight lovers of the Land of the Rising Sun.

💯 Don't resist the pleasure of offering it to yourself too. To do this, go to our Maneki Neko collection and browse our statuettes before making your choice.

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