Maiko Geisha Kimono

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Channel all the strength of the deities in this nami kimono for women who want to honor gods of the seas

This traditional kimono depicts Japanese styled waves (nami). It is a symbol that was used on the banners and armors of the Sengoku era. It represents to the troops at war that were crashing and falling like waves. This pattern symbolizes strength.

There is nothing like this authentic kimono to plunge you deep into the Japanese world. Made of cotton, polyester and elastane, it is an iconic outfit that you absolutely must have in your dressing room.


The inhabitants of the land of the rising sun wear this unique garment during important events and ceremonies. They are therefore often found at graduations, weddings and the transition to adulthood for teenage girls.

Fashion tutorial for the Japanese kimono...

How to wear the Japanese kimono

  • 💯 We recommend that you take one to two sizes above your usual size. You can also take a look at our sizing guide to make sure you don't make a mistake
  • 💯 For a more casual summery Japanese look, check out this kimono geisha cosplay. It's if you wish an authentic Japanese outfit style...
  • 💯 To complete your Japanese geisha outfit, wear with you kimono dress tabi socks and geta sandals, the are ultra comfortable! To close your kimono, don't hesitate to add a wide obi belt, a great fashion accessory!

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