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The kimono is a traditional men's clothing that embodies the elegance of Japan

Japanese kimono is an authentic and traditional garment. It was governed by strict codes: wearing a sub-kimono, embroidered family wardrobe, hakama pants, tabi socks, geta sandals, obi belt... Today there is a more casual version: the yukata.

This casual kimono is made of cotton. It allows you to stay cool even in very hot weather. There's still a sophisticated suit. You can wear it during the day, in the evening, at home or outdoors. Plain and timeless, this is the must-have of the spring-summer season!

  • Fabric material: cotton
  • Machine washable at 30° or by hand
  • Kimono length: 67 inch
  • Kimono Fit: Long Straight, 3/4 XXL Sleeves for Comfort
  • Japanese pattern: plain black

Here are our best fashion tips for wearing this men's kimono ...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 Available in sizes M and L, we advise you to opt for this sophisticated kimono in size M if you weigh less than 80 kg and in size L if you are more than 80 kg.

💯 You can wear this Japanese dress to go to a gallant date, a festival with friends, a dinner with family or even for a walk... You understand it, it's ideal in all circumstances.

💯 If you are looking for an even more chic version than this Japanese garment , we recommend the select kimono : it will be a great fit for an official event.

💯 The only rule to remember when wearing this Japanese clothing is to always fold the left side of the fabric over the right side. And especially not the other way around the death kimonos of the deceased.

💯 To discover even more Japanese clothing , visit our Japanese men kimono collection. We offer a wide range of traditional kimonos, yukata, kimono jacket (haori), samurai kimono... You will necessarily find your happiness there!

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