Modern Geisha Kimono

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This parma kimono for women is a true ode to the beauty of Japanese flowers

In Japan, flowers have a very important place in culture. They are often represented on traditional Japanese clothing . The sakura (cherry tree) flowers are the best known. Hanami is a Japanese festival that celebrates these flowers every year at the arrival of spring.

Historically, kimonos were worn by geishas. Japanese women trained very early in presentation and musical art. The tea ceremony is an event where the kimono is systematically worn. It is also found at graduations or weddings.

You too, can wear this real fashion piece from the land of the rising sun. Your traditional geisha look will leave everyone stunned. You can wear it during a fancy dress party for example. Authentic effect guaranteed!

To wear your traditional outfit in respect of the codes, here are some instructions. First, put on white Japanese tabi socks. Before putting on your kimono, you must also wear a nagajuban. It is a long and light white dress that serves as a sub-kimono.

Let the white collar of your nagajuban appear and think of closing your kimono with a koshi imo belt and an obi belt, making sure to fold the left side over the right. Then, you are ready!

How is the traditional women's kimono?

Here are some fashion recommendations so that you can complement your traditional Japanese kimono :

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  • 💯 To refine your authentic Japanese style, we recommend that you wear tabi socks with a separate toe. You can also opt for a pair of wooden geta sandals. Finally, choose an obi belt to mark your waist and refine your silhouette
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