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Proudly wear this Modern Haori with famous Japanese god and demon symbols

This kimono jacket was traditionally worn over a kimono. Originally, only the wealthy social classes wore the traditional kimono.

The haori (which translates to kimono jacket) is the most fashionable garment. Inspired by the streetwear district of Harajuku, it is favored by all Japanese youth.

The motifs depicted on this haori jacket symbolize all the emblems of Japan. It features flowers, a yokai demon, the Great Wave of Kanagawa and kumo clouds.

These jackets are lightweight and straight cut, to fit all body types and enhance every figure. Usually worn as a lightweight coat, it will accompany your beach walks and cool summer evenings!


  • 💯 Inspired by traditional fashion and streetwear trends, this typical garment still sports strong and colorful symbols to showcase Japanese culture
  • 💯 For a 100% streetwear look, we recommend wearing your haori jacket with raw denim, colorful sneakers, a plain black tee and a cap with a kanji pattern on it
  • 💯 To discover all the models, go to our collection haori: you'll discover a wide variety of colors and patterns. Happy shopping!

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