Oni Kitsune Mask

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This oni kitsune mask allows you to camouflage your identity like a real ninja.

This kitsune mask represents the fox demon. This evil is super present in popular culture and originates from the Shinto religion!

Shintoism believer will often create statues decorated with pine branches (matsu). These repel the Japanese demons (oni). Kitsune are, in some cases, benevolent deities. This is what makes them unique; they tow the line between good and evil.

Here are some tips to know on how to wear this Japanese fox mask...


πŸ’― We see these traditional Japanese masks in matsuri festivals to honor the gods, especially in Oji fox parades. These festivals pay homage to the Oji shrine dedicated to Inari, the goddess of rice and fertility. The parades tend to take place on New Year's Eve.

πŸ’― We advise you to complete your Japanese style with a Japanese haori jacket for a trendy and traditional look! You can also wear it with a light kimono or a traditional Yukata...

πŸ’― This Japanese mask will adapt to the size of your face thanks to the elasthane thread...

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