Phoenix Sukajan Jacket

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Before joining the Bosozoku gang, put on this sukajan phoenix jacket!

Bosozoku means "clan of reckless motorcyclists". This movement of the 70's and 80's quickly rose to the ranks of counter-culture where disruption is king. Each member of the clan is recognizable by his or her style of clothing and in their tattoos.

The phoenix tattoo for example, as it is represented on the back of this Japanese bomber jacket, symbolizes the nobility. It can also refer to fire, fidelity and justice.

The Bosozoku are composed of Japanese working-class, we call them Sukean teenage girls and juvenile delinquents. It is a movement that brings together people from all walks of life around a single message of revolt. You too can join the movement!


  • 💯 This embroidered jacket, emblematic of men's fashion, is reversible: you can now turn your jacket around according to your desires and moods
  • 💯 If you are looking for a traditional and artistic design, we advise you to have a look at the sukajan skeleton jacket: it is known all over the world and symbolizes a famous Japanese art piece
  • 💯 We advise you not to wear your bomber jacket when it rains
  • 💯 For a casual look, we recommend that you wear your sukajan jacket over a Japanese sweatshirt. Add a cap and a pair of sneakers to perfect your urban Bosozoku style !

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