Women's Long Night Kimono Beige

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Adopt this nighttime kimono as pajamas, it will offer you plenty of comfort and softness

The long night kimono is inspired by traditional Japanese clothing. The kimono is a garment that has been used for decades in the Land of the Rising Sun. It is based on ancient codes and traditions, perpetuated from year to year. However, its night version is more relaxed.

The patterns printed throughout this long kimono dress refer to a variety of bamboo called take. It is a plant that grows very quickly in various parts of the archipelago. It is associated with flexibility, strength, and prosperity. It is a material used to make training swords (katana). As for its leaves, they symbolize tranquility and lightness.

This long pajama dress is made from quality polyester fibers. Its material is soft, pleasant to the touch and very comfortable to wear. It offers a great feeling of freshness during the night. Thanks to its belt, it is also possible to wear it open or closed, according to your preference.

  • Material : high quality polyester
  • Style : bamboo take
  • Size : from M to XXL


Here are some recommendations for wearing the long pyjama kimono :

🇯🇵 Get some rest after a hard day at work by putting on this nighttime kimono dress . To take full advantage of it, we advise you to create a Zen atmosphere and take a shower or a nice hot bath. You can then relax and recharge your batteries.

🇯🇵 You can also take inspiration from Japanese traditions and follow the locals by stepping out of the onsen baths (hot springs). They are used to wearing a yukata kimono similar to the long kimono at night. The lightness and softness of this garment will soothe you.

🇯🇵 Renew your nightwear wardrobe by going for a walk in our women's night kimono collection. You can take inspiration from our products to choose the pyjama kimono of your choice. And why not take the opportunity to offer an original gift to a loved one?

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