Hannya Mask

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In Japanese folklore, the Hannya demon is symbolized by a woman tormented by jealousy

Hannya character is often performed in the Japanese No theater... She is an important figure of Japanese folklore...

In this story, a pretty high-ranking Japanese woman is in love with a man who does not give her love. It will be destroyed by its own rage and destructive jealousy πŸ‘Ή

In Japanese myths and legends, Lady Rukio of her real name will turn into a terrible Yurei (ghost) avenging!

Hannya Mask Decoration

How and where to wear this traditional Hannya mask?

πŸ’― If you are in the land of the rising sun, we can advise you to wear this Japanese accessory during the Setsubun Festival...

πŸ’― You can also wear this mask for a Japanese cosplay costume or to scare off your loved ones and friends during the Halloween party.

πŸ’― It is a Japanese object ideal for decorating a wall in an authentic Japanese spirit.

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