Reversible Sukajan Jacket

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With this Reversible Sukajan Jacket, prepare to say: "he who wants peace, should prepare for war"

Hachiman is the kami god of the samurai warriors. In the Shinto religion, it is one of the most mysterious gods because its true origin is not known. It is sometimes represented by a dove because "he who wants peace, should prepare for war".

The sukajan jacket is part of the uniform of the Japanese bosozoku: a clan of young bikers from the 1970s. They very quickly got close to the yakuza, an infamous part of Japanese organized crime. The uniform of the bosozoku shouts: "this is who I am and I do what I do".

This Japanese reversible jacket represents the god Hachiman on one side, and a skull on the other. You can turn it over as you wish!


  • 💯 This jacket is very carefully embroidered for the best possible quality and look
  • 💯 If you like the Japanese legend pattern, you'll love this sukajan tiger jacket, it will protect you from evil spirits
  • 💯 Don't wear your bomber jacket when it rains
  • 💯 For a timeless, streetwear look, we recommend you wear your Japanese bomber jacket with a black hoodie, a pair of sneakers and raw jeans !

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